Participants converged at the Palace of the Obi of Ukwu-Nzu. The opening prayer was said by a volunteer and thereafter a formal introduction of each member of the project team to the community. After this, the DTS-NEWMAP Natural Resource Officer who represented the Project Coordinator extended greetings from PC and continued to state the purpose of the activity. After the briefing session, members of the community (members of the Site Committee and Community Association) led the team to the worse hit areas where video documentaries were made of the reported increasing damage to properties along the gully line. Affected persons were also interviewed.

During the investigation, the team discovered that houses near the gully line are at the verge collapse and a few access roads have been destroyed.

Two respondents Mrs Gladys Ozowo and Mr Onyeshinye Elijah Azuka complained of restricted movement during rainfalls, cases of injuries sustained by settlers around the region, and destruction of economic trees close to the gully line.