Community Briefing on Climate Adaptation Change.

globalpeacedev DTS-NEWMAP March 19, 2020

On March 19th 2020, the DTS-NEWMAP and Focal NGO were in Obomkpa and Ukwu-Nzu Communities in Aniocha North LGA of Delta State which were selected to participate in the DTS-NEWMAP Climate Adaptation Project in efforts to reduce the level of poverty and increase sustainable development in the project impact areas by training local farmers on the best farming practice during the raining and dry season.

Specifically, the  Climate Adaptation Change Project which is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, aims to improve the community approach to farming and support them to adopt knowledge gained on environmental-friendly farming practices. Ultimately, the project would provide improved seedlings for planting, animal husbandry, and solar borehole water to support irrigation farming that would result in improved crop and livestock yield, less damage to the soil, and improved livelihoods for community households who are mostly crop farmers and livestock holders.

Importantly, as a core commitment of GPD to ensure that the dividends of democracy get to the poor, vulnerable and marginalized, especially women and girls, care was taken by DTS-NEWMAP Focal NGO (Global Peace Development) to ensure there was gender balance and inclusion in the list of farmers and livestock holders selected by the communities to pilot the Climate Adaptation Change project.

Upon the commencement of the Climate Adaptation Change Project, GPD, in support of the DTS-NEWMAP SPMU set out to the beneficiary communities to monitor project progress and ensure its compliance to standards as contained in the TOR of the hired consultant. The farmers and livestock holders piloting the project were also engaged to document unforeseen challenges, so as to proffer solutions that would prevent any negative outcomes.