Sustainable Development

Goals: Improve on national, state, local government, and community blueprints and structures set up to solve today’s problems of human and capital development whilst securing a better and more sustainable future for our target beneficiaries at all levels.

Strategic Targets
The Economic Priority Areas:
  • Poverty alleviation and zero hunger
  • Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns in all levels

  • The Social Priority Areas:
  • Improve the quality of life; fostering a good quality of life for all members at individual, group and community level (e.g. housing, health, employment, safety and other basic needs)
  • Generate and sustain community voice and influence on democracy and governance to ensure that governance structures are accountable and democratic processes are open and transparent
  • Provide equitable opportunities and outcomes for all members of society, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable members