Prior to the intervention of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), severe flood and gully erosion had, for several years, ravaged a number of communities in Edo State with the resultant loss of lives, devastated homes and severely dislocated socio-economic activities of the people. This menacing scenario had given residents of the affected areas sleepless nights and was a great concern to succeeding administrations in Edo State.
On Friday, February 6, 2015, NEWMAP was officially launched in the State with the flag-off of civil works in Queen Ede and Auchi gully remediation works. Contracts for the remediation works in Oshiobugie-Auchi, Ekehuan and Queen Ede sites had earlier been awarded. These three sites constitute the first phase of NEWMAP intervention in Edo State. The remediation works have been successfully implemented.

Livelihood enhancement activities have also been carried out in these three sites and so many persons have been empowered in the process.

The second phase is made up of ten sites:

  • Ewu gully site
  • Ibore gully site
  • Gapiona Flood and Erosion Control site
  • Urora Flood and Erosion Control site
  • Ogiso-Osunde Gully site
  • Edo College Benin Gully site
  • AAU Ekpoma Gully site
  • Emu-Ohordua Gully site
  • Igbei Quarters, Auchi Gully site
  • Fugar-Agenebode Road Gully site

While implementation of civil works in Ewu and Ibore sites is presently at 97% completion, award of contracts and implementation of Resettlement Action Plans have been carried out for the other eight sites and work is at different stages.

On July 2019, during the second phase of the project, Global Peace Development/Global Women for Quality and Sustainable Development (GPD/GWSD) were engaged as the Focal NGO in a joint venture for the project.