globalpeacedev SARVE II September 29, 2021

Global Peace Development mobilized 764 youths (465 males, 299 females) for this activity which held simultaneously in the 12 project target communities across 6 LGAs. In Lafia, the walk started from Total Filling Station, where participants converged, to the Nasarawa State House of Assembly where the Executive Director of Global Peace Development, Mr. Ebruke Esike, presented his speech under press coverage to the representatives of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly.

The Project Officer, Joy Tsaku (Left), and the Executive Director of Global Peace development, Ebruke Esike (Right) during the activity in Lafia

The Executive Director of Global Peace Development, Mr. Ebruke Esike’s Presentation to the Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly:

Mr. Ebruke Esike in his speech emphasized that the consortium of ActionAid Nigeria, Global Peace Development, and Beacon Youths Initiative envisions a Nasarawa State where peace, security, development, women, and youth engagement is constructive and inclusive. He posited that the SARVE II Project is in furtherance of the above vision, and that under the SARVE II Project 750 youths have been trained and provided start-up kits to commence income generating activities of their choice which will reduce their vulnerabilities to be recruited into violent extremist groups. Similarly, through the project, community agencies that support/lead early warning and early response mechanisms in collaboration with state security agencies have been established and strengthened across 6 target LGAs in the State. Also, the State Action Plan was signed by the Executive Governor of the State, Engr Abdullahi Sule in August 2020 in line with the UNSCR 1325. He also mentioned the completion of the 2021 Nasarawa State Youth Peace Camp which mobilized 500 youths from 12 communities in the target LGAs to Doma for 7days and trained them with life skills, as well as served as a platform for peaceful engagement and safe space for relationship building and cultural acceptance amongst the diverse tribes and ethnicities represented during the camp. Further speaking, he commended the Nasarawa State Government for the passage of the VAPP law under this project and also pleaded for the quick passage of the Nasarawa state Youth Development Commission Bill into law, which is now in second reading. Which he said will increase livelihood opportunities for youths in the state and reduce their involvement in violent crimes across the state. He stressed that the Youth Development Commission Bill which will arm youths with the requisite education, skills and support for self-determination will further assist the State Ministry of Youths and Sports Development in arresting and tackling problems faced by youths, and expedite human and capital development in the State.

The Executive Director of Global Peace Development with the AAN Program Officer SARVE II Project in company of members of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly as he makes his presentation in Lafia and advocated for the Passage of the Youth Development Commission Bill in Nasarawa State.

Feedback from the Speaker Nasarawa State House of Assembly:

The Speaker, Honorable Ibrahim Balarabe-Abdullahi, through his representatives, welcomed the team and accompanying youths and especially thanked the organizers and funders of the SARVE II Project for the positive gains it has made in the state in such short time since implementation began, and gave words assuring Global Peace Development and partners that the Youth Development Bill will be fast tracked and passed into law by the Nasarawa State Government.

Milestones Achieved/Advanced:

  • By the end of the Peace Walk, Global Peace Development and its partners under the SARVE II Project successfully spread messages of peace and social cohesion to indigenes of Nasarawa State across the project’s 6 target LGAs
  • Through this activity, the Executive Director of Global Peace Development in his speech presented to the Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly further advocated for the passage of the Nasarawa State Youth Development Bill which was meant to deter identity-based violence and other ethnocentric forms of violence, and foster peaceful coexistence amongst the State’s diverse ethnic groups.

Contribution to Project Stated Objectives/results:

The Nasarawa State Peace Walk expanded upon the gains made during the just concluded 2021 Nasarawa State Youth Peace Camp which reached 500 indigenous youth boys and girls drawn from 12 communities in 6 target LGAs. During the Peace Walk, a much larger number of indigenous people in the State across the 6 LGAs were reached with messages that promoted peaceful coexistence, social cohesion, and discouraged violent tendencies towards other indigenous ethnic groups.

Brief Highlight from the Report

Venue: 12 communities in Toto, Nasarawa, Akwanga, Nasarawa Eggon, Lafia and Obi LGAs, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Participants: 764 youths (comprised of 465 Males and 299 Females) from across the project’s 6 target LGAs, Nasarawa State Activistas, and SARVE II Project team members from ActionAid Nigeria, Beacon Youths Initiative, and Global Peace Development. Other participants include NSCDC personnel and reps of Nasarawa State Media Houses (including TVC, NTA, NBS, The Voice, Voice of Nigeria, Daily Trust, NAN, and Blueprint).

Objective of the Activity: The activity was organized by Global Peace and the above listed partners to commemorate the International Day of Peace across the 6 target LGAs of the SARVE II Project in Nasarawa State. The major objective of the Peace Walk was to spread messages on the benefits and profits of peaceful coexistence to the diverse tribes of the State, and to promote social cohesion.

Methodology: Road walks, local music instruments, fliers, placards, and crested vests with strong messaging on peace were used by Global Peace Development.

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