globalpeacedev DTS-NEWMAP November 22, 2019

GPD team and DTS-NEWMAP officials arrived at the Palace of the Obi of Ubulu-Uku and had a brief session with one of the community association members; Mr. Nathanael Nwaosukwulu who later lead the team to the various erosion sites. At Akukwu Quarters in one of the affected areas, Mr. Nathanael Nwaosukwulu stated that because of the flood which has destroyed properties, the occupants have all evacuated their homes. Additionally, he stated that whenever it rains, movement is always obstructed due to the heavy flood which covers the entire road.

Samuel Edoku, one of the affected persons on interview with the team narrated his ordeal, he said the erosion started since 1978, and over the years the flood has caused so much damage to his properties and has led to large puddles and area of standing waters. Specifically, he stated that as a result of the heavy rains and floods two lives were lost (recently a lady, April, 2018. She was reported to have been washed away in the gushing waters). He continued by saying that like him, people no longer use the shops alongside the roads because they are normally cut off from access during the rains hence, hampering sources of livelihood.  Similarly, he stated that due to the current of the run off which normally reaches the level of the road on either side, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are forced to wait for the water to recede before plying the road.


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